ET3400 Microprocessor Trainer

The ET-3400 Microprocessor trainer uses the Motorola 6800 or 6808 microprocessor and along with the EE-3401 Heathkit Continuing Education ‘Microprocessors’ learning course, allows one to learn the structure and the programming of the 6800 (6808) microprocessor.

The 6800 is an 8 bit microprocessor. This means the data bus can handle 8 bits of binary information. The trainer allows the user to program the 6800 in machine language which is the most basic way possible. It is a flexible, general purpose microprocessor breadboard.

The ET-3400 has a six digit hexadecimal display for reading out memory addresses, their contents, and register contents.

Microprocessor address bus, data bus, control lines, and other associated signals are buffered and terminated on front panel connectors. The trainer also has eight individual LED’s that can be used to monitor logic states and eight individual data switches to supply binary words for the breadboard circuits.

Built in power supply voltages of +5VDC and also +/- 12VDC are connected to front panel connectors.




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