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Stellarvue M2 Mount

The Stellarvue M2 is a heavy duty, ultra smooth altitude – azimuth manual telescope mount that is used to precisely point any optical telescope assembly (OTA). It can handle up to 25 pounds of load.

The mount, which weighs approximately 4 pounds, is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. It has a spring loaded saddle plate that can accommodate both a Losmandy “D” or the narrower Vixen style mounting rail. Large aluminum knobs are used to adjust the tension in either axis. Oversize bearings in each axis enables smooth operation.

The mount can be attached to any optional heavy duty tripod that has a 3/8-16 mounting stud. I am using my M2 with the optional column extension (MEC003) and a Manfrotto Model 028B tripod. Other extension columns are available to accommodate different make tripods.






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Losmandy GM8 GEM

The Losmandy GM8 is a high quality german equatorial telescope mount constructed from machined aluminum and stainless steel.

It weighs 21 pounds and can support a load of up to 30 to 40 pounds depending of telescope length.



Sedge Stem Section

Sedge (Cyperus) have a typical triangular stem that is formed to prevent the plant from being cracked by the wind.

Surrounded by the numerous parenchymal type cells of the pith, the vascular bundles are dispersed all over the cross section and are more concentrated near the periphery.


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Lime Tree Root Section

As the roots anchor the tree and are responsible for its stability, their structure becomes more and more similar to the one of the stem.

Such as an inner cylinder of xylem (wood) that is enclosed by phloem (bark) with its disrupting outer layer of cork. Medullary rays extend from the center radially through the annual rings (concentric circles).


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Sunflower Stem Section

The vascular bundles of dicot plants are arranged in a ring within the ground tissue of the stem. The tissue inside the ring is called pith, the one outside of it is the bark.

Photo: Sony A7II with Minolta 25mm Micro Bellow Lens.

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